Why You Should Read This Blog

You want to write. You aspire to have your words read by an audience. You feel your message might touch people, or at least help them solve a problem.

Perhaps there are other reasons for wanting to write that you’d rather not admit: you fancy the lifestyle of a writer; you’d like to earn some money from your writing; you want to be famous.

This blog can help you (although perhaps not with the being famous bit).

The person I have described above is, for the most part, me.

I am a writer, blogger and voracious reader. I have always wanted to write (I did my school work experience on the sports desk of my local newspaper), but this has rarely transformed into actually writing.

In early 2012, I resigned from my job as an investment banker in order to become a stay-at-home dad, looking after my two pre-school-aged children.

Later that year I started blogging. After a number of false starts, and many blogs and niche websites that I started then discarded, I decided to focus on building out my cycling blog. In the 5 months since launch, I have built up the readership to between 200 and 250 visitors per day, and the numbers keep going up.

I don’t have a lot of time to spend blogging, I have not had a lucky post that went viral, I have written one guest post, I use a free WordPress theme, I’ve done minimal offsite SEO and very basic onsite. Yet in the short time since the blog’s launch, I’ve built an engaged, growing audience. There are no magic secrets to this, but I can show you how I did it.

(If none of the paragraph above makes any sense to you, don’t worry, it will. Just stick with me – it’s not particularly difficult).

In 2013 I decided that I would like to write fiction. I would love to publish a novel, either traditionally or independently (self-published). But in order to publish a novel, first you need to write it. This blog will record my experiences as I attempt to do just that.

What I’ve Learnt Can Benefit You

I’ve already learnt a huge amount from blogging and starting to write fiction:

  • How to create a blog on a subject that people want to read about
  • How to interact with readers, and other bloggers, in order to build engagement and grow my audience
  • How to develop a habit for writing consistently
  • How to balance other demands on my time (family, household chores, exercise etc), whilst still finding time to write

Following this blog will help you learn from my experiences, helping you to write more consistently and build your audience.

I have a lot still to learn. I do hope you will join me for the ride.

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